• Do you ship internationally?

    We currently don’t ship to other destinations outside of Singapore, but we’re working on it!
  • When will my order ship?

    We usually take about 2-7 business days to prepare your order before shipping it out.

    We process and ship out all orders between Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

    Once your order has shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with tracking information enclosed.

    Please note that it may take up to 24-48 hours for your tracking information to update.
  • Where will my order ship from?

    All Peau Peau Beauty orders ship out from Singapore.
  • How long will my order take to reach me?

    Orders usually take 3-7 working days from the day they are shipped to arrive at their final destination.

    In the event that one or more of your order items is out of stock, there may be a delay in your order, and we may fulfill your order in separate deliveries. Don't worry, we will definitely reach out to inform you as soon as this happens!

Ordering, Payments and Promotions

  • I logged into my account and my order is Unfulfilled, what does this mean?

    So happy to know you're eager for your order! Unfulfilled means your order has yet to ship out. If you want more details about your order, drop us a line at hello@peaupeaubeauty.com.
  • I’ve found something I love but it’s out of stock – help!

    You can place a pre-order for out of stock products, and they should arrive within 3-4 weeks. Drop us an email if you need further assistance!
  • How do I apply my discount code?

    Discount codes can be applied to your order upon checkout.

    Enter your discount code into the field on right side, above your cart total.

    Once you hit 'Apply' your discount will be deducted from your cart total and you can continue on to payment.

    Please note that only one discount code can be applied per order. Discount codes cannot be combined with any other promotions or offers.

Skin Care

  • Is my product expired?

    Your satisfaction is important to us, and we will never sell you an expired product.

    Products purchased on Peau Peau will be marked with either an expiry date, or a manufacturing date.

    Products with a manufacturing date are usually safe to use for two to three years from this date.

    Please check each individual product for more details.
  • Are products sold on Peau Peau Beauty authentic?

    Absolutely! All products purchased from Peau Peau Beauty are 100% legitimate, come directly from the relevant brand, and sourced from reliable channels.

    Peau Peau works hard to research, test, and validate every product to ensure their safety and efficacy for you.
  • I think I've had an allergic reaction to one of my products, help!

    We're so sorry to hear that. Everyone’s skin is different, and an effective skin care routine can take some trial and error.

    Try introducing new products into your routine one or two at a time, so that your skin can adjust to these products, and you can gauge your skin’s response.

    In the unlikely event that your new products irritate your skin persistently, you may be allergic to one or more ingredients, in which case you should stop using the product.

    Reach out to us at hello@peaupeaubeauty.com with more details so that we can see what we can do to help.