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Why I'm Obsessed With Sioris' Time Is Running Out Mist

Our mist-obsessed writer Charlotte reviews Sioris' best-selling Time Is Running Out Mist and offers her honest thoughts on why this multi-tasking product is worth the hype!



Cheryl Yong

Why I'm Obsessed With Sioris' Time Is Running Out Mist

Hi, my name is Charlotte and I’m addicted to skin mists. Jokes aside, I really can’t get enough of these mists! I keep 2 by my bedside and another 3 in my skincare cabinet, one at my boyfriend’s house, and I used to have one on my office table… is that too much? It’s a handy little skin saviour when you have dry skin like I do, and I love being able to give it that boost of hydration with just a spray or two.

Honesty hour - what drew me to this Sioris mist was its really chic, minimalist packaging. I didn't even read a review or description, I just thought it looked nice, and I knew I enjoyed using mists, which is what prompted me to pick it up. In fact, it was only after I shared my haul on instagram stories and a friend DMed me to say "hey, I heard that Sioris mist is really good!," that my interest was piqued. After all, it didn't seem like anything out of the ordinary.

Not so surprisingly, it was kinda love at first spritz for me. Why and how did this Sioris Time is Running Out Mist quickly become something I reach for every day? Here's a little look into it:

  1. It has a delightful, citrus scent. The first thing that hits you when you spray it on is that lovely Yuzu smell, which comes from the organic citrus juno water that it's mostly made out of (78%!). It's not too strong, but it's definitely refreshing, especially when you spritz it on in the morning as part of your daytime routine.
  2. Its skin loving ingredients. This is a duo-phase mist, which you can see as the top and bottom layer separate when standing still. Give it a shake before you mist it on to get the goodness of both the oil and the water! The plant oils are a mixture of macadamia, jojoba, and sunflower oil, which gently moisturise the face but don't leave an oily layer behind, which I've noticed happens with some duo-phase mists.
  3. It's such a flexible product! Ok to be fair, I love using all skin mists for this reason. I use them as a splash of hydration through the day, layered between my serums and moisturisers, and as a finishing spray to meld my make up together. This Sioris one is a plus for me just because of the benefits it has!
  4. The spray nozzle. I know this might be an odd thing to point out but as someone who has used my fair share of skin mists, this is so important to me. It spritzes beautifully and produces a really fine mist of product, which is so gentle and light on the skin. Just an added detail that not all beauty companies might take note of, which I really appreciate!
  5. And lastly, this is a really lovely clean beauty product. No parabens, artificial fragrance, additives or harmful chemicals, and their active ingredients are sourced and harvested in peak season from local Korean farms to ensure the best quality, which is something that the brand emphasises in all their products.

    And of course, as I mentioned at the start of this article, it’s a huge plus for me that Sioris products have very simple, minimalistic packaging that’s just pleasing to the eye. If you’re someone who takes pride in curating a chic #shelfie, this brand is sure to win you over with its clean looks and skin-nourishing ingredients.

    Conclusion: the Time Is Running Out mist has quickly become my favourite out of all the mists I'm using right now, no exaggeration at all. If you are a mist lover like me, this one needs to be a part of your life. Spritz away!

    Best suited for: all skin types, but will work best for those with dry/dehydrated skin types!

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