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Meet The Creatives - Galissa Seth

"I’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by strong and independent women growing up." We chat with Galissa Seth about how her family background has inspired her identity, why beauty is acceptance and confidence, and her thoughts on self-care.



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Meet The Creatives - Galissa Seth

Hey Galissa! Tell us more about you!

Hi, I’m Galissa and I’m a huge skin care junkie. Recently, I turned 30 and the key to keeping me motivated and staying sane has been prioritising what matters to me and always listening to my body. I wear many hats and am constantly on the go – I work 9-5 in a family business; I create content on the side; and am hoping to build something of my own soon.

Galissa Seth | Peau Peau Beauty

How has your background shaped your identity today?

I’ve been really lucky to be surrounded by strong and independent women growing up. I grew up watching my mum and grandmother care for and support their families, maintain their own identity as well as taking the time to look after themselves. At this age, I’m still trying to figure this balancing act out (sans kids).

My father also built his own business after leaving school at 17. I’ve had the privilege to watch him build a successful company and subconsciously that has probably inspired me to chase the opportunities I’ve had over the last couple of years.

What does your ideal day look like?

My ideal day would be relaxing by the beach and catching some waves. I’m an island girl at heart and it’s been a long while since I’ve been able to surf/ dive head first into the ocean. It’s truly my favourite feeling and I can’t wait to experience that again.

Galissa Seth | Peau Peau Beauty

What's your concept of beauty, and how has it evolved?

At a young age, I identified beauty with makeup and being able to express myself having fun experimenting being bold. Everyday was an opportunity to rework your canvas.

These days, my idea of beauty has evolved greatly. Beauty to me, now, is being able to accept myself and being confident. You’re most beautiful when you’re the best version of yourself. It’s nice to dress and glam up but I’m much happier chilling/ feeling confident with bare skin. It’s an accomplishment that takes time to truly accept yourself.

Galissa Seth | Peau Peau Beauty

Could you share your favourite self-care tips and wellness rituals?

I’m big on self-care. Self-care to me runs in a huge spectrum. It could be simply cooking a meal at the end of a long day, indulging in an extra step during your skin care routine, practicing yoga to zen out, or simply just lighting a candle and taking the time to be with my thoughts. These are a few of the things I love to do to show myself some extra love.

Galissa Seth | Peau Peau Beauty

What's your guiding philosophy in life?

Be Present and enjoy the now. I’m still a work in progress when it comes to this and am learning to trust the process and let things ensue. Another one would be to always be curious and improve yourself. It’s never too late to try something you’ve always wanted. Your mind is your biggest limitation.

Galissa Seth | Peau Peau Beauty

Any resolutions for 2021 and beyond?

I try not to make resolutions as it’s too much pressure I usually end up feeling worse for not sticking to them. I didn’t make any this year but I constantly remind myself to continue to practice being accountable and intentional as that is what made a difference in my 2020.

I’d also like to be more disciplined when it comes to correcting my posture and working out consistently!